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Welcome to our 2021 The Sugar Hut Ambassador Program. We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors to join our Sugar Squad! Members of the Sugar Squad will be enthusiastic, outgoing individuals that care about shopping small, supporting local, and has a sweet tooth.


We recruit new ambassadors every January, May, & September of the year!

• Sweet Perks •

10% off discount on all products & a discount code to give to others!

Free products during seasonal promotions

The chance to be featured on our official Instagram with a 20k following


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Having worked with The Sugar Hut as an ambassador is fantastic! I love that you’re rewarded with discounts for all the hard work you put in as an ambassador. Working with Shavone and her team is so much fun! They’re very supportive and encouraging too. The desserts and ideas that come thru every month is just so inspiring. I’m super proud and ecstatic to be apart of such a wonderful team.

I absolutely LOVED everything about being a Sugar Hut Ambassador. From the jump everything was so fun & meeting new people from our community (my Sugar Sisters, Shavone, Mary, + the bakery team included). Due to the pandemic we couldn't meet but it was still a really great experience. I've built new friendships & loved going into the bakery. My favorite memory was going with my little sisters to get their free cake pops (which they mopped btw) for the Reading Is Sweet challenge The Sugar Hut hosted.♡

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Being a member of The Sugar Squad was an honor and privilege. After only being on the island for 6 months, I was brought into a group of other amazing women and I immediately felt a part of the community. I loved walking into the bakery and being called by name. I loved being able to support a local brand, and spread awareness of their delicious product. My daughter lit up every time I told her we were going to The Sugar Hut. What a fun way to support my community! 


As a person who loves to celebrate anything and everything, I had the honor of sharing my love for sweets with family and friends by being a brand ambassador for a favorite bakery of mine - The Sugar Hut! It was an amazing experience working alongside the lovely owner and her wonderful team who is always so welcoming and get first dibs on the monthly menu especially the holiday themed desserts, baked goods, and milkshake flavors - which is personally my absolute must have when visiting! You can bet The Sugar Hut was a part of every one of my family’s celebrations.