$30/dozen for 1 letter/number

$36/dozen for 2 - 7 letters/numbers

*pictures/art to be quoted based on detail of work 

Decorated Macarons

  • Chocolate

    Calling all chocolate lovers! Indulge with a rich, decadent, buttercream filling that will satisfy your every craving


    Mint Chip

    A cool mint buttercream filling with loads of chocolate chip shavings drizzled with, yes more chocolate. Go ahead, you can totally cheat on ice cream. It'll be our little secret


    Green Tea

    Smooth matcha green tea with a hint of sweetness packed with antioxidants


    Banana Cream Pie

    Pudding like banana filling and graham cracker crumbs will leave you reminiscing of moms Banana Cream Pie


    Cinnamon Toast

    Toasted cinnamon cereal combined with cinnamon sugar provides a rich and creamy sweet treat. No milk needed.


    Rice Krispies

    Fluffy, homemade marshmallow fluff mixed with crispy rice cereal is a treat that can’t be beat!


    Fruity Pebbles

    Hands downs, the all time favorite macaron!!! A spoonful of fruity pebbles in every bite


    Circus Animal Cookie

    100% pure vanilla with crushed circus animal cookies.


    Cookies and Creme

    America's all time favorite cookie in a macaron that will lead you running to the refrigerator for a glass of milk


    Pistachio Creme

    Enjoy pistachios but hate peeling them? Enjoy this smooth and creamy mixture made with real pistachios


    Peanut Butter

    A smooth creamy peanut butter filling that will make you put down that spoon


    Peanut Butter Cup

    Your favorite peanut butter and chocolate candy transformed into a macaron



    Creamy peanut butter and a dollop of guava jelly. A Hawaiian twist on the classic PB & J sandwich that is almost too pretty to eat



    Kick-start your morning with a brew of freshly grounded coffee beans and a swirl of cream


    Caramel Frap

    This perfect combination of caramel and coffee will surely fix your caffeine craving



    Chocolate and coffee make up this classic, delicious and energizing drink in one bite


    White Chocolate Macadamia

    Premium white chocolate buttercream mixed with roasted chopped macadamia nuts


    White Chocolate Strawberry

    Premium white chocolate buttercream mixed sweet strawberry


    Dark Chocolate

    We dare you to step into the dark side with our intense, yet creamy dark chocolate macaron


    Hurricane Popcorn

    A unique combination of buttery popcorn and crunchy Japanese rice cracker sandwiched between a macaron shell toasted with furikake (dried seaweed flakes)


    Red Velvet

    Bite into a luxurious red shell with a hint of chocolate paired with a perfect cream cheese filling


    Salted Caramel

    Delicious homemade caramel made from scratch that will literally melt in your mouth


    Almond Roca

    Made from scratch Toffee + Chocolate Drizzle + Almond Sprinkle



    Gooey marshmallow, Melted semi-sweet chocolate on top and graham cracker crumbs


    Lemon Cheesecake

    Perfect blend between refreshing citrus and velvety cream cheese


    Maple Bacon

    Breakfast never tasted so good, made with real maple syrup and topped with a real bacon pieces



    Go nuts over this Exquisite teal colored shell filled with a creamy chocolate hazelnut buttercream filling


    Cookie Butter

    Cookie butter fiends, look no further. This macaron will stimulate your tastebuds with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger


    Birthday Cake

    Enjoy a slice of cake everyday made with real cake batter and rainbow jimmies. Who says birthdays only come once a year?


    Cookie Dough

    No baking required. Indulge in a buttery brown sugar filling with heaping scoops of chocolate chips



    Need a cool treat on a hot day? Made with strawberry infused cream flavored filling






    The lilikoi (passion fruit) butter used in this exotic buttercream, is made locally in the heart of Waimanalo. It will surely give you a true taste of paradise in every bite


    Pineapple Whip

    Enjoy this famous tropical, juicy treat that has been transformed into a macaron



    A islander favorite fruit jelly made into a simple, yet pleasing macaron


    Strawberry Guava

    A Hawaiian twist on the classic strawberry


    LiHing Lemon

    An islander's favorite snack combines li-hing mui and lemon. A mouthwatering combination of creamy lemon buttercream with a trace of li-hung mui (salted dried plum) will leave your salivary glands tingling



    Sweet and refreshing, honeydew is a flavorful delight!


    Strawberry Green Tea

    A perfect combination of refreshing strawberry and smooth matcha green tea


    Orange Cream

    Cool off with this dreamy orange creamsicle inspired macaron



    Sweet Purple Yam, tastes just like the ice cream!