An inside look in to custom orders

How you ever placed a custom order with us? How was your experience? was it smooth or was it frustrating? Custom orders are a popular request in our Bakery and so we want to virtually sit down with you and tell you some things to keep in mind when placing a custom order with us so that you always leave feeling good about coming to us for you dessert needs.


The date is the most important! The date is the first indicator on whether or not we can even accommodate your order, we also use your date to organize you order card with us so that we always are on track of things to give you the best service possible. So first we need to know, “When’s the special day?”

Dream a little!

Let’s go exploring! Check out our Instagram, Facebook and website to see what we can do and what we have done for customers in the past. Also, be sure to go exploring on Pinterest and Google for some inspiration and feel free to send us those pictures so that we can get a better idea of the color, design and over all look of what you’re envisioning – but keep in mind we do not copy other peoples work! We respect other cake artists, so please do not expect us to copy designs you send from other bakers.

Have a (somewhat) clear vision of what you want

We’re busy ladies and gents! And we have one person primarily answering emails and she does not work 7-days a week, so though we are more than happy to assist you, please help us by having somewhat of an idea of what you want. We have had customers come to us with no idea of what they want to serve food wise and without a design to even start at. So we ask you do a little research before reaching out to us.

E-mail Us!

Your desserts mean as much to us as it does to you and the last thing we want is for any detail to fall through the cracks and for us to provide you with a dessert that isn’t what you wanted. So, thank you to our loyal Instagram followers, we love you and we love to provide content for you, but we do not love receiving your order via Instagram DM. Our bakers will sometime refer to emails from customers to ensure they’re making orders correctly and so having information everywhere is just messy! So please, just stick to email when it comes to placing your order.

We need time

There is not one person who works in The Sugar Hut that only does one job. That being said, all of our time is split between multiple responsibilities in the bakery and we have a baking schedule that gives us the ability to (just barely) be able to bake for both custom order and the bakery, as well as do everything else on our plate. So please give us as much notice as possible and understand that sometimes we just can’t squeeze your order in and it’s not because we don’t want to, but because we physically can’t. So while we definitely do not mind making a custom order for you, we just ask you give us enough time in advance to do so.

It’s not as fast or easy as you think…

Everything we make is made from scratch, even our rice krispy treats (secret: a lot of bakeries don’t make their own rice krispy treats – they buy it!) and we’re a small bakery with limited counter space and room so there is never a time in our bakery where more than one cake is being made at the same time, which means it takes a long time to complete custom orders. So for our customers who question why we can’t make custom cupcakes or a custom cake with just 24 hours notice, it’s because we have a baking and decorating schedule that allows us to also get other orders done in time.

We don’t quote on demand - sorry

A lot of times we have customers come in to the bakery thinking it’s easier to place their order in person, but unfortunately it’s not. We have to calculate how much it’s going to cost us to make your order for you as well as find the materials needed, and for those reasons it’s just not possible for us to give you a quote on demand.

Need a last minute Cake? - Preset Cakes!

On our website you’ll find our preset celebration cakes, those are the closes we’ll get to quoting on demand. These cakes are preset cakes that are a very specific decoration, so we know exactly what we’re doing, which makes them a lot faster to make. If you ever find yourself needing an order last minute, we would suggest taking a look at our preset cakes because you’re more likely to get an accepted last minute order with these since we don’t have to create a design for you.

And in the end, there is just somethings we just can't do

There are some amazing desserts you will find online and just because they look simple or easy, does not mean the are! We receive a lot of requests from customers asking for complex designs on cookies or fondant covered cakes, and unfortunately that is not where our expertise lies. If you look in to the companies that do make those types of desserts, you will see it’s what they specialize in. But don’t worry, if we can’t create what you’re looking for, we are always happy to refer you to someone we know that can help you.

And that’s a look behind the scenes with our custom orders at The Sugar Hut. We love our customers, we love hearing your stories and reasons behind orders and we try to accept last minute orders as much as possible because at the end of the day we want to make you happy. But if there is ever a time we denied a last minute order from you, these are the reasons why.

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