Aloha Summer!

Summer has officially arrived! Yes, as of June 21st Summer has officially started and it is hot! Not only is it hot but the kids are out of school and I bet they’re going stir-crazy at Home!

are they complaining about the heat as much as I am? Well we have a solution for you! Something to help the kids cool off while keeping those mouths occupied on snacking so that you can have a moment of peace and quiet ...

This kid knows how to stay cool this Summer

Mackies Milkshakes

Iced Coffees Lemonades

We have a bunch of ways to cool off this summer and for your sharing pleasure

(or just for you, we don’t judge)

we now have Mini Mackies! It’s Big Mackies four little cousins with their own flavor ice creams and they are the perfect little snacks to cool off with, and this week our 4-pack is coming to you in Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Mint Chip and Rocky Road! and speaking of Rocky Road, we have a Milkshake for that! So bring the little ones down, relish in our Air Conditioning and dive in to some of these cool treats, because nothing is better than sitting with your toes in the sand or cooling off in the ocean with a Mackie in hand! (take your rubbish with you!) So we hope to see you this Summer because we have lots of cool things to share with you and don’t forget to follow us on social media and tell us how you’re staying cool this Summer and check out our Instagram Stories because we’re gonna be sharing all of our fun in the bakery with you where we update you on new flavors, menu items or just make you jealous that we get to go Home smelling like Sugar, and sometimes we get extra lovey with some giveaways :)

From Our Hut to Yours ...

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