Daily Menu

Below you will find the daily menu of gourmet treats located at or only bakery location in Waianae. Please keep in mind that popular dessert items may sell out quickly, and we do try to restock it throughout the day. If you would like to RESERVE an order for pick up this week, please call to reserve an order for pick up this week. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the menu items available throughout the day.

French Cookie made of Almond Flour and Meringue. Filled with a sweet cream. Contact the bakery for current flavors.

$1.95 each


Made with an oreo crust. Layered pie with made from scratch chocolate pudding, housemade whipped cream and oreo sprinkles.


Definitely not your standard chocolate chip cookie. We increase the chocolate chips for starters AND our "standard" chocolate chip cookie is extra large.

$3.60 each

Available in:

Ube Haupia


Banana Chantilly

$3.90 each

Large Macaron filled with Ice Cream (vanilla, chocolate or cookies and cream) and rolled in a topping of your choice.

$6 each or 2 for $10

Flavors include: Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Lilikoi, Lychee and Peach. Add LiHing Mui!

$5 each

Pumpkin Pie, but EVEN better. Made with a butter crust filled with crushed macarons shells + whipped cream cheese frosting.

$4.95 each


Choux Pastry filled with ube or chocolate pudding and topped with Chantilly.

$2.25 each

Flavors Change weekly. Check out our Instagram to see the newest flavors $5.80 each

Available in:



Cookie Butter


Caramel Apple Pie

$3.50 each



We add the sugar and cream for you! You choose your add in flavor (macadamia nut is your favorite)

$5 each


Also try our Frappe's

$6 each

Only 1 gram net carb! Made with Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese and Stevia.

$1.50 each

Made of Cookie Dough, Cake or Cookies. Dipped in chocolate or white chocolate. Contact the bakery for current flavors.

$1.95 each


Our BEST SELLING PIE! Made with a shortbread crust that has specks of macaron shells. We add fresh bananas and top it with fresh whipped cream.


Giant Loaded Chocolate chip Cookie with a S'more in the center! $9.50 each






Snickerdoodle Blondies

$3.25 each


Powdered Sugar Brownies

$6.00 per pack


Vanilla, Cake Batter, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Butter, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cake Batter, Haupia, Pumpkin Pie, Oreo and Coffee

$8 each


Seasonal Flavors Available!

$4 each​



87-070 Farrington Hwy.

Suite #103

Waianae, Hawaii 96792




Phone: (808)722-7539