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- Our Story -

Truffles, or “Bon Bons” (as they were previously called), were only made for friends and family during the holidays.  After rave reviews and suggestions, Shavone decided to pursue her passion in August 2013 and established The Sugar Hut.

After successful "Sample Box" sales on Instagram, she realized that this could be an actual business! In June 2014, Shavone left her position as a Teacher and pursued her lifelong dream of owning her own business! To grow her business quickly, she joined the local Farmers Market, Makeke Kapolei and Waianae.

Shavone wanted to expand her business. In December 2015, she created "Sweetie", Hawaii's 1st Macaron and Gourmet Treats Food Truck! The long hours of working in Sweetie brew another little dream. She found that most of her time was spent in the truck and away from her family. She wanted her own space. A place where she could serve her customers and community with her family right beside her! 

That dream came true in May of 2016 when The Sugar Hut opened its FIRST bakery!! The Sugar Hut serves gourmet desserts daily to their community in Waianae and her original customer's island-wide makes the treck to Waianae just to serve a little bit of happiness and sweets!  Each dessert is handcrafted and made amongst family and friends.

When you step into The Sugar Hut, you'll find that you'll be treated just like family. The aroma will remind you of your mom's baking. The Sugar Hut is grateful to be able to serve you from our hut, to yours.